NSBE-UTK positively impacts the community by engaging in various community outreach events.  

Mini S.E.E.K.

The Mini S.E.E.K. event conducted by our NSBE chapter is a smaller scale initiative of the national S.E.E.K. event. Mini S.E.E.K. is designed to be an educational and exciting opportunity for elementary and middle school students. Led by our very own NSBE members, the students engage in fun and rewarding engineering projects that introduce the various engineering fields and skills needed to pursue it.  Our goal in creating this event was to provide the students in the Knoxville area who may not have an opportunity to participate in the national event.

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Community Service

NSBE-UTK readily participates in volunteering events aimed at bettering the Knoxville community. Our service includes partnering with 100 Black Men of Knoxville to provide volunteers for Knoxville Are Rescue Ministries,  reconstructing recreational areas for schools, and participating in the various service events hosted by the University of Tennessee and the city of Knoxville


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